Stop letting men exercise eminent domain rights on your Vagina.

I wish that all women regardless of their religious affiliation should not be engaged into permanent Relationship or Married unless they perform casual sex with various partners; I suggest trying out several partners before beginning the search for a soul mate. If you can afford it, travel to different part of world and spend time with opposite races.

Sex starved women who want to wait for the right persons are no different than people who go to grocery stores hungry. Why gamble your relationship and waste the precious time of mating season designed by nature. Stop fighting against the natural urges of sex and start enjoying while exercising every part of your muscles.

If any virgin continue to dream about the sexual experience, what it will be like? I suggest, just do it. After all you own the deed of your vagina and experience it any way, any time, whenever, however, and wherever you like it.

After all, what is wrong having safe and protective casual sex?

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Let’s not exploit the Ferguson City incident for petty self-gain.

I appeal to all citizens and politicians put their self-interests, grudges and ulterior motives aside and look at the big picture.

It serves no purpose by terrorizing our own communities and masterminding public disobedience and unrest which tend to send wrong messages of hate, violence and mistrust.

Let’s not forget that we are nation of Free and Braves not terrorists. Let’s not allow our nation to become a third world country!

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Cops should not be indicted for discharging their Duties.

The quiet competence of Officer Darren Wilson remains in question but not his actions in the line of duty. Misdirecting the fuming anger towards the lone officer will not help to prosecute dishonest politicians, administrators, trustees, prosecutors and other officials who are the true masters of the corrupt system or provide any comfort to Michael Brown family.  All of us have responsibilities to respect the laws of the land and continue to work harder to improve the judicial process at every level of our government. Citizens have even bigger responsibility to remain calm, peaceful and not to violate the trust of their own communities.

Michael Brown’s death and or any other death of human being here at home or abroad are clear signals that we must change how our governments govern. Indeed, we need major reforms in policy making process and being creative when commissioning, appointing and electing leadership at local, city, county, state and federal levels.

In order to build better communities, elementary and high schools education should be expanded to teach the rules of laws of civilized communities and how all citizens can participate to help form a better government.  Equal opportunities, justice and freedom should not be the words in the framed constitution on the wall but we must practice them on a daily basis.

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Salute to the Commnader-in-Chief

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Are World’s Religions parts of Pyramid Schemes?

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Why Follow World’s Religions?

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Chicago: City of makers

My hometown and most favorite city on the planet….

WGN Radio - 720 AM

Chicago is on the forefront of the “Makers” movement. John Carpenter from the Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Innovation section joined Patti Vasquez to talk about the “Makers” culture in Chicago:


ChicagoSkyline-30318613 Chicago’s skyline, and the lakefront, Monday, Jan. 14, 2013. (Antonio Perez / Chicago Tribune)

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