Ocean “N” Wells


In 1981, I met a graduate student at Kansas State University sponsored by the government of Pakistan for advanced studies in agriculture. How do you feel about the culture, society, freedom of press and diversity in the United States? I asked. Without hesitation, he replied, it is like living in Ocean vs. well.

Since then, it has not changed much in Pakistan, Middle East, Africa and other parts of world. Off course, few more humans have become billionaires but billions people have not able to break the thick layers of brick walls of wells to join the progressive societies. Actually, ruling and religious classes with their dominant ideology, are even building thicker walls with manifestation of false ideology around them, so, becoming more isolated and lost in the outdated rituals.

People within these societies are truly fed up and frustrated with their never ending struggle to be free from false ideological conception, so, there emotions are being ignited by any type of external assault or threat to burn their own frustration through protests which are not logically coherent. It only provides a greater opportunity for exploitation, violence and riots to extremist, fundamentalist and crime lords.


About aasii

Remains committed to carrying on the lifelong work of our founder, "Our mission to combat indifference, intolerance, and injustice around the world". World economic and financial power is to some extent up for grabs by the highest bidders and most of the time, trade rules are more negotiable than the change of stubborn political powers. Resistant to change is still a major factor to create an open and honest government “one that answers to peoples”. Guns are not always solutions to settle dispute between Governments. It is time to look beyond the guns to settle disputes among us. It is time to convert the world's military powers into peaceful police force. All the funds being spent on missiles and tanks; shall be spent on education and creating meaningful jobs. Opening up boarders for all nations throughout the world is a key factor to freedom for all human kind. Peoples, in general, want a change for better, willing to contribute to our societies and to make our world a better place for all. Ultimate solution to our true world democracy is “World without Boarders”.
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